Headshot-2History and the built environment have always interested me, from a childhood spent scouring cemeteries for the oldest headstone, to my graduation from Mary Washington College with a BA in historic preservation. By the time I finished college, I understood that my love of architecture was grounded in the stories that it told about the people who create and use it.

I carried this appreciation for the human element into graduate school and focused my studies on non-western, vernacular architecture, studying how people of various cultures create, recreate, and adapt their spaces to suit their needs. After lots of research, conference presentations, and publication, I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with masters degrees in historic preservation (MA) and architectural history (MFA).

I believe that every building has a story, and that there are multiple means of telling it. My education, and subsequent work in museum collections, has taught me not only how to “listen” to a building or object, but also how to document it using primary and secondary sources. And my fine arts background–specifically in architectural photography and drawing–have given me additional tools to tell the stories of the buildings that mean the most to people.

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