Architecture is, perhaps, the most immediately emotional art form. We interact with it daily; our lives happen within the built environment, whether it’s an urban apartment or rural farmhouse. We raise families, cook meals, and comfort loved ones in homes, we explore cities and small towns, and many of us work in office buildings. Whether or not we realize it, architecture is a huge part of who we are.

And we are a huge part of architecture.

 Stories. Told.

House/Story was started to help people in the greater Pittsburgh area unlock the story of their built environment. Through historical research the past is uncovered, and using narrative, timelines, graphics, and images, the story is told.


The story of your house. Narrative, images, and graphics. Everything that makes your house unique, and the stories of the people who made it that way.

The Mini

The basics. The fundamentals of your house, condensed. An ownership history, a timeline, and a story.

A la carte

Choose your own adventure. A menu of services gives you options to fit any budget. Get a head start, or ask for help.

The Storyteller


Kelley Stroup is an architectural historian specializing in the study of how people create and use their spaces.

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